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Lazy man’s one way sync from Google Calendar to MS Exchange

This post is for people that want an easy way to forward Google Calendar events to their MS Exchange / Outlook calendar. 5 minutes to set up, promised!

I use Google Apps for my personal domain and email, but rely on MS Exchange / Outlook for work email and calendar. Since having two separate calendars (one in Google, one in Exchange) is a recipe for disaster (at least for me), I only use the Exchange calendar for all my appointments. That calendar also happens to sync with my phone, hence, I always have an up-to-date schedule with me.

Sometimes I receive a calendar invite on my Google Calendar. I searched Google to see if there is any possibility to automatically forward event invites to my work email. Unfortunately, I only found people with the same question 🙂

Nevertheless, here is a way to do it:

  1. As Google Apps administrator, create an extra Apps account (e.g. “work@my.personal.domain”). If you don’t have Google Apps, you can also create another regular Google account (e.g. “”).
  2. With your personal Google account, share your Google Calendar with the work  account (click the gear icon, Calendar Settings, Calendar, Shared: Edit Settings, Share with specific people, add work@my.personal.domain).
  3. Set up your work Google account to forward all email to your work email (click the gear icon, Mail Settings, Forwarding and POP/IMAP, Add a forwarding address). I chose to delete all forwarded email (but you can keep it if you want to).
  4. Subscribe the work Google account to all event invites, updates and cancellations on your personal Google Calendar (click the gear icon, Calendar Settings, Calendars, Other Calendars, Notifications).

Done! Now every invitation, cancellation or update is automatically forwarded to your work email. You can ignore them in Google and respond to them from your work email.

Happy one way syncing!


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